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Multinational conglomerate Global Pomeratech Limited was responsible for the takeover of the University of West Kildonan's archeological dig in Papua, New Guinea.

Recognized mainly for their PB Blast Energy drinks, Global Pomeratech was known to dabble in exploration and research, often employing secretive and morally questionable methods to acquire the projects they coveted. Unfortunately, they were known to abandon projects almost as quickly as they commandeered them. Such was the case with the Papua, New Guinea site. Had a cache of artifacts not been found after the death of Global Pomeratech's C.E.O., the world may never have known of the amazing technology which was recovered from the underground laboratory.

Fragments of the company's website are all that remain of Global Pomeratech's online presence, since the company was sold to orthodics heavyweights Fleet Feet Incorporated.